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IAPSO Seawater

OSIL's origins lie with the production and supply of IAPSO Standard Seawater after they were privatised in 1989 from the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences (IOS).  Since then, OSIL have been the only recognised provider of IAPSO Standard Seawater and provide salinity calibration standards worldwide.

OSIL's seawater laboratoryOSIL supplies a range of high precision calibration standards which are used by scientists and technicians to calibrate marine instruments, who depend on them for data quality and comparability.  Other standards that OSIL provides include Low Nutrient SeawaterIodate Standards, Conductivity Standards and Nutrient Standard Solutions.  OSIL also now offers an analysis service for a wide range of parameters in seawater.

Salinity Training Workshops

OSIL hosts regular specialist 'hands-on' training workshops at their Havant offices.  Each workshop consists of a mix of lectures, demonstrations and practical sessions to cover all aspects of the latest theories and techniques in the field.

Guildline's Portasal SalinometerLaboratory Measurement of Salinity

The 2-day Laboratory Measurement of Salinity Workshop covers all aspects of sample handling, salinometer operation and data processing.  We use the industry standard Guildline Autosal and Portasal Salinometers, for which IAPSO Standard Seawater and other seawater samples are provided.  The training is appropriate for personnel at any level of experience with emphasis on individual attention. Our aim is for you to complete this workshop with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of salinity measurement.

  Please email OSIL on customer.services@osil.co.uk for dates of the next available courses.

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